FOREX Trading

As you would already know that word FOREX is made of two words Foreign Exchange. It’s essential to the world trade and economy. When the trades happen within the boundaries of a country, payments are usually made in local currency.

But when the trades take place beyond the countries’ boundaries, payments need to be settled in a pre-agreed currency which in many cases is USD then comes the Euro, JPY etc.

You would know that trillion dollars’ worth of trades take place worldwide every day and to settle the payments businesses, banks, government agencies frequently need to buy sell currencies.

This creates that Forex Trading Market which is trillions worth.

You too can take a dip into this Forex Market and make fortunes.

Ibell Markets offers trading into 48+ Forex / Currency Pairs. Start your Forex Trading journey with us today!

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Commodities Trading

Commodities are inherent to our daily day to day life. They are being traded for ages now in fact commodities are the oldest trading instruments. Most of these commodities are the input material or raw material for several core industries.

Most popular commodities include Metals, Bullion, Crude, Agro products etc. And without these commodities, the national and global economies can’t grow and flourish.

Since they are essential raw material to several industries, they are traded frequently and this makes them one of the most liquid trading instruments.

You too can take advantage of higher liquidity in commodities by trading into them.

Trade into 8+ Energy instruments and 15+ Metals instruments with Ibell Markets.

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Indices Trading

Indices are the barometer of a country’s economy or representative industry. They reflect the overall confidence in the country or industries’ future prospects.

Indices are highly liquid trading instruments and offer great opportunities for trades to make money. There are several traders that prefer to trade only into the indices and there are several others that hedge their trades with indices.

Whatever is your trading style, if you want to trade into indices, we offer them to you.

At Ibell Markets, you get to trade into 10+ best indices to trade into.

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Cryptocurrencies are the new kid in the trading block but they have taken the trading world by storm. There are critics of Cryptocurrencies but the people who have traded into them simply love it.

They are highly volatile which provides greater opportunities to make higher profits in short time so is true for the losses if you are on the wrong side of the price movement.

Whatever may be the case, if you are a Cryptocurrency enthusiast and want to trade into them, we have all major crypto for you to trade.

Ibell Markets offer trading into 20+ major cryptocurrencies.

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